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     1 %META:TOPICINFO{author="TWikiContributor" date="1111931141" format="1.0" version="1"}%
     2 ---+ TWiki Administrator User
     4 The %TOPIC% has been added to TWiki 4.2.0 to make it possible to login without needing to create a TWiki User,
     5 or to temporarily login as %TOPIC% using the password set in configure, and then log back out to the same User and Group as before.
     7 This means it is no longer necessary to add yourself to the TWikiAdminGroup, and you will be able to quicky
     8 change to Admin User (and back to your user) only when you need to.
    10 %STARTSECTION{"sudo_login"}%
    11 ---+++ How to login as %TOPIC%
    12    * Login as the internal TWiki administrator:
    13       * %ADMINLOGIN%
    14    * Logout from Administrator:
    15       * click the [[%LOGOUTURL%][Logout link]]
    17 __%X% NOTE:__ If you lock yourself out of <nop>TWikiAdminUser during setup activities or have forgotten the configure password,
    18 you can unset the configure password by editing the =lib/LocalSite.cfg= file and deleting the line that starts
    19 with =$TWiki::cfg{Password}= and then set it again by saving your settings in =configure=.
    20 %ENDSECTION{"sudo_login"}%
    22 ---+++ Prerequisites
    23    * =Security Setup : Sessions : {UserClientSession}= needs to be enabled in configure
    24    * a configure password (otherwise the Admin login is automatically disabled.)
    25    * If your TWiki is configured to use !ApacheLoginManager, you will need to log in as a valid user first.
    27 __Related topics:__ %WIKIUSERSTOPIC%, TWikiAdminGroup, TWikiGroups, %SYSTEMWEB%.TWikiAccessControl
    28 ---