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     1 %META:TOPICINFO{author="TWikiContributor" date="1163619832" format="1.0" version="13"}%
     2 ---+ <nop>%WIKITOOLNAME% Site Map
     4 <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="2" bgcolor="#000000" cellpadding="3">
     5   <tr bgcolor="#eeeeee">
     6     <th>
     7      Web
     8     </th><th>
     9      <nop>%WIKITOOLNAME% Site Map
    10     </th><th>
    11       Use to...
    12     </th>
    13   </tr>
    14 %SEARCH{ "\* Set SITEMAPLIST \= on" type="regex" web="%USERSWEB%, %SYSTEMWEB%, all" topic="%WEBPREFSTOPIC%" nototal="on" nosearch="on" format=" <tr bgcolor=\"$pattern(.*?\* Set WEBBGCOLOR\s*=\s*([^\s]*).*)\">$n <td align=\"right\" style=\"white-space: nowrap;\"> <b>[[$web.%HOMETOPIC%][$web]]</b>&nbsp;[[$web.%HOMETOPIC%][<img src=\"%PUBURLPATH%/%SYSTEMWEB%/TWikiDocGraphics/home.gif\" alt=\"Home of <nop>$web web\" width=\"16\" height=\"16\" border=\"0\" />]]&nbsp;[[$web.WebSearch][<img src=\"%PUBURLPATH%/%SYSTEMWEB%/TWikiDocGraphics/searchtopic.gif\" alt=\"Search <nop>$web web\" width=\"16\" height=\"16\" border=\"0\" />]]&nbsp;[[$web.WebChanges][<img src=\"%PUBURLPATH%/%SYSTEMWEB%/TWikiDocGraphics/recentchanges.gif\" alt=\"Recent changes in the <nop>$web web\" width=\"16\" height=\"16\" border=\"0\" />]]&nbsp;[[$web.%NOTIFYTOPIC%][<img src=\"%PUBURLPATH%/%SYSTEMWEB%/TWikiDocGraphics/notify.gif\" alt=\"Get notified of changes to the <nop>$web web\" width=\"16\" height=\"16\" border=\"0\" />]]</td>$n <td> $pattern(.*?\* Set SITEMAPWHAT\s*=([^\n\r]*).*) </td><td> $pattern(.*?\* Set SITEMAPUSETO\s*=([^\n\r]*).*) </td> </tr>" }%
    15   <tr bgcolor="#ffffff">
    16     <td colspan="3">You can use color coding by web for identification and reference. This table is updated automatically based on <nop>WebPreferences settings of the individual webs. Contact %WIKIWEBMASTER% if you need a separate collaboration web for your team. See also AdminToolsCategory.</td>
    17   </tr>
    18 </table>
    19 <table border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="3">
    20   <tr bgcolor="#ffffff">
    21     <td valign="top"> Legend of icons: </td>
    22     <td valign="top"> &nbsp;</td>
    23     <td valign="top">
    24 <img src="%PUBURLPATH%/%SYSTEMWEB%/TWikiDocGraphics/home.gif" alt="Home of web" width="16" height="16" border="0" /> = Go to the home of the web%BR%
    25 <img src="%PUBURLPATH%/%SYSTEMWEB%/TWikiDocGraphics/searchtopic.gif" alt="Search web" width="16" height="16" border="0" /> = Search the web
    26     </td>
    27     <td valign="top"> &nbsp;</td>
    28     <td valign="top">
    29 <img src="%PUBURLPATH%/%SYSTEMWEB%/TWikiDocGraphics/recentchanges.gif" alt="Recent changes in the web" width="16" height="16" border="0" /> = See recent changes in the web%BR%
    30 <img src="%PUBURLPATH%/%SYSTEMWEB%/TWikiDocGraphics/notify.gif" alt="Get notified of changes to the web" width="16" height="16" border="0" /> = Subscribe to get notified of changes by e-mail
    31     </td>
    32   </tr>
    33 </table>