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     1 %META:TOPICINFO{author="TWikiContributor" date="1191744279" format="1.1" version="1"}%
     2 %META:TOPICPARENT{name="TWikiVariables"}%
     3 #VarEDITTABLE
     4 ---+++ EDITTABLE{ _attributes_ } -- edit TWiki tables using edit fields and other input fields
     5    * The =%<nop>EDITTABLE{}%= variable is handled by the EditTablePlugin
     6    * Syntax: =%<nop>EDITTABLE{ _attributes_ }%=
     7 %STARTSECTION{"edittable_attributes"}%
     8    * Supported attributes:
     9      | *Attribute* | *Comment* | *Default* |
    10      | =header= | Specify the header format of a new table like ="%VBAR%*Food*%VBAR%*Drink*%VBAR%"=. Useful to start a table with only a button | (no header) |
    11      | =format= | The format of one column when editing the table. A cell can be a text input field, or any of these edit field types:%BR% %BB% Text input field (1 line):%BR% &nbsp; =%VBAR% text, &lt;size&gt;, &lt;initial value&gt; %VBAR%= %BR% %BB% Textarea input field:%BR% &nbsp; =%VBAR% textarea, &lt;rows&gt;x&lt;columns&gt;, &lt;initial value&gt; %VBAR%= %BR% %BB% Drop down box: %BR% &nbsp; =%VBAR% select, &lt;size&gt;, &lt;option 1&gt;, &lt;option 2&gt;, etc*<nop> %VBAR%= %BR% &nbsp; =*= only one item can be selected %BR% %BB% Radio buttons: %BR% &nbsp; =%VBAR% radio, &lt;size*&gt;, &lt;option 1&gt;, &lt;option 2&gt;, etc %VBAR%= %BR% &nbsp; =*= size indicates the number of buttons per line in edit mode %BR% %BB% Checkboxes: %BR% &nbsp; =%VBAR% checkbox, &lt;size*&gt;, &lt;option 1&gt;, &lt;option 2&gt;, etc %VBAR%= %BR% &nbsp; =*= size indicates the number of checkboxes per line in edit mode  %BR% %BB% Fixed label: %BR% &nbsp; =%VBAR% label, 0, &lt;label text&gt; %VBAR%= %BR% %BB% Row number: %BR% &nbsp; =%VBAR% row, &lt;offset&gt; %VBAR%= %BR% %BB% Date: %BR% &nbsp; =%VBAR% date, &lt;size&gt;, &lt;initial value&gt;, &lt;DHTML date format&gt; %VBAR%= (see [[#DateField][Date Field Type]]) | ="text, 16"= %BR% for all cells |
    12      | =changerows= | Rows can be added and removed if ="on"= <br /> Rows can be added but not removed if ="add"= <br /> Rows cannot be added or removed if ="off"= | =CHANGEROWS= %BR% Plugin setting |
    13      | =quietsave= | Quiet Save button is shown if ="on"=, hidden if ="off"= | =QUIETSAVE= %BR% Plugin setting |
    14      | =include= | Other topic defining the EDITTABLE parameters. The first %<nop>EDITTABLE% in the topic is used. This is useful if you have many topics with the same table format and you want to update the format in one place. | (none) |
    15      | =helptopic= | Topic name containing help text shown below the table when editing a table. The %<nop>STARTINCLUDE% and %<nop>STOPINCLUDE% variables can be used in the topic to specify what is shown. | (no help text) |
    16      | =headerislabel= | Table header cells are read-only (labels) if ="on"=; header cells can be edited if ="off"= or "0" | ="on"= |
    17      | =editbutton= | Set edit button text, e.g. ="Edit this table"=; set button image with alt text, e.g. ="Edit table, %<nop>PUBURL%/%<nop>TWIKIWEB%/TWikiDocGraphics/edittopic.gif"=; hide edit button at the end of the table with ="hide"= (Note: Button is automatically hidden if an edit button is present in a cell) | =EDITBUTTON= %BR% Plugin setting |
    18 %ENDSECTION{"edittable_attributes"}%
    19    * Example:%BR%
    20      =%<nop>EDITTABLE{ format="| text, 20 | select, 1, one, two, three |" changerows="on" }%= %BR%
    21      =| <nop>*Name*<nop> | <nop>*Type*<nop> |= %BR%
    22      =| Foo | two |=
    23    * Related: See EditTablePlugin for more details