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     1 %META:TOPICINFO{author="TWikiContributor" date="1111929255" format="1.1" version="2"}%
     2 %META:TOPICPARENT{name="TWikiVariables"}%
     3 #VarNOP
     4 ---+++ NOP -- template text not to be expanded in instantiated topics
     5    * Syntax: =%<nop>NOP%=
     6       * In normal topic text, expands to &lt;nop>, which prevents expansion of adjacent variables and wikiwords
     7       * When the topic containing this is used as a template for another topic, it is removed.
     8    * Syntax: =%<nop>NOP{...}%= *deprecated*
     9       * In normal topic text, expands to whatever is in the curly braces (if anything).
    10       * __%X% Note:__ This is deprecated. Do not use it. Use =%<nop>STARTSECTION{type="templateonly"}%= .. =%<nop>ENDSECTION{type="templateonly"}%= instead (see TWikiTemplates for more details).
    11    * Related: [[%IF{"'%INCLUDINGTOPIC%'='TWikiVariables'" then="#"}%VarSTARTSECTION][STARTSECTION]], TWikiTemplates