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     1 TWiki (TM) - A Web Based Collaboration Platform
     2 ===============================================
     4 What is TWiki?
     5 --------------
     7 TWiki is a flexible and powerful web-based collaboration 
     8 platform that allows you to run a dynamic intranet site, a 
     9 project development space, a document management system, a 
    10 knowledge base, an issue tracking system and many other 
    11 groupware application. TWiki looks and feels like a normal 
    12 intranet or Web site. Users can freely change or create 
    13 content from any Web browser, without requiring special 
    14 browser plugins. 
    16 Major companies like British Telecom, Sun Microsystems, 
    17 Motorola and SAP depend on the TWiki platform to increase 
    18 the productivity of their engineering teams. 
    20 Features include automatic link generation, full text 
    21 search, authorization based on groups, Web form handling, 
    22 email notification of changes, file attachments to Web 
    23 pages, revision control of pages and attachments, and 
    24 more. The server-side TWiki Plugins API provides developers 
    25 with a simple way to build new groupware applications. 
    27 The GPLed TWiki software and over 100 Plugins can be 
    28 downloaded from the web site,
    31 TWiki Distribution and License
    32 ------------------------------
    34 TWiki is open source software and is distributed under the 
    35 terms of the GNU General Public License. You can request 
    36 the latest version of TWiki from .
    38 The LICENSE file, located in the root of the TWiki 
    39 distribution package, shows your rights and duties on how to 
    40 use, redistribute and/or modify it. We would appreciate if 
    41 redistributions of TWiki and its clones retain the 
    42 license.txt file in its entire form, thus acknowledging the 
    43 origin of TWiki and the thousands of hours the core team and 
    44 contributors put into creating this product.
    47 TWiki Installation, Support
    48 ---------------------------
    50 It is important to follow the installation instructions in
    51 TWikiDocumentation.html located in the distribution, also at
    54 Important note: Once you installed TWiki on your own system, 
    55 make sure to add yourself to the list of TWikiInstallations 
    56 at . 
    57 This helps in getting more exposure --> attracts more 
    58 developers --> results in a better product.
    60 TWiki is free software and does not include any support. There
    61 is a TWiki web for support questions, run by TWiki users for
    62 TWiki users. Visit if
    63 you have any installation questions or questions about TWiki
    64 deployment; please do not contact the developers directly.
    67 TWiki News, Development and Deployment
    68 --------------------------------------
    70 You can always find out the latest news at the TWiki home 
    71 page at .
    73 The place to collaborate on further TWiki development is at
    74 . ReadmeFirst tells you 
    75 how to collaborate. Subscribe in WebNotify to stay up to 
    76 date on latest development issues.
    78 Good luck with your collaboration effort and with TWiki.
    79 Happy collaboration and twiki'ing.
    81 Best regards,
    83 The TWiki Developers