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     1.5 +---+ Main Features of TWiki
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     1.7 +   * *Any web browser:* Edit existing pages or create new pages by using any web browser. There is no need to upload pages.
     1.8 +   * *Edit link:* To edit a page, simply click on the ==Edit== link at the top or bottom of the page.
     1.9 +   * *Auto links:* Web pages are [[WikiWord][linked automatically]]. You do not need to learn HTML commands to link pages.
    1.10 +   * *Text formatting:* Simple, powerful and easy-to-learn [[WikiSyntax][text formatting rules]]. Basically you write text like you would write an e-mail.
    1.11 +   * *Webs:* Pages are grouped into [[%SYSTEMWEB%.SiteMap][TWiki webs]] (or collections). This allows you to set up separate collaboration groups.
    1.12 +   * *Search:* [[WebSearch][Full text search]] with/without regular expressions. See a sample [[%SCRIPTURLPATH{"search"}%/TWiki/?scope=text&search=learn][search result]].
    1.13 +   * *E-mail notification:* Get [[WebChangesAlert][automatically notified]] when something has changed in a TWiki web.
    1.14 +   * *Structured content:* Use TWikiForms to classify and categorize unstructured web pages and to create simple workflow systems.
    1.15 +   * *File attachments:* [[FileAttachment][Upload]] and download any file as an attachment to a page by using your browser. This is similar to file attachments in an e-mail, but it happens on web pages.
    1.16 +   * *Revision control:* All changes to pages and attachments are tracked. Retrieve previous page revisions; compare differences; find out who changed what and when.
    1.17 +   * *Access control:* Define groups and impose fine-grained read and write [[TWikiAccessControl][access restrictions]] based on groups and users.
    1.18 +   * *Variables:* Use [[TWikiVariables][variables]] to dynamically compose your pages. This allows you for example to dynamically build a table of contents, include other pages, or show a search result embedded in a page.
    1.19 +   * *TWiki plugins:* Easily install program enhancements using external [[TWikiPlugins][plug-in modules]]. Developers can create plug-ins in Perl using the TWiki Plugin API.
    1.20 +   * *Templates and skins:* A flexible [[TWikiTemplates][templating system]] separates program logic and presentation. [[TWikiSkins][Skins]] overwrite template headers and footers; page content is unaffected.
    1.21 +   * *Managing pages:* Individual [[TWikiTopics][pages]] can be renamed, moved and deleted through the browser.
    1.22 +   * *Managing users:* Web-based [[TWikiRegistration][user registration]] and [[ChangePassword][change of password]].
    1.23 +   * *Statistics:* Create statistics of TWiki webs. Find out most popular pages and top contributors.
    1.24 +   * *Preferences:* Three levels of preferences: TWikiPreferences for site-level, WebPreferences for each web, and user level preferences.
    1.25 +   * *[[SimultaneousEdits][simultaneous page editing]]:* 
    1.26 +   * *Referred-By:* Find the pages that contain links to a topic.
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    1.28 +__Related Topics:__ UserDocumentationCategory, AdminDocumentationCategory