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RELEASE 4.2.0 freetown
     1 %META:TOPICINFO{author="TWikiContributor" date="1151720041" format="1.1" reprev="1.2" version="6"}%
     2 ---+ Go Box
     3 The box at the top or sidebar of each page, also called Jump box. 
     5 Enter a topic name to quickly jump to the topic, for example:
     6    * *WebNotify* to jump to <nop>WebNotify in the current web
     7    * *%USERSWEB%.WebNotify* to jump to <nop>WebNotify in the %USERSWEB% web
     8    * *%USERSWEB%.* to jump to the home of the %USERSWEB% web
     9    * *BrandNewTopic* to jump to a non existing topic in the current web, which is useful to create orphaned topics
    11 Enter part of a topic name to get a list of similar topics, for example:
    12    * *faq* to get %SEARCH{ "faq" scope="topic" nosearch="on" nototal="on" format="[[$topic]]" separator=", " }%
    13    * *%USERSWEB%.users*  to jump to the %USERSWEB% web from any web, and get a list of topics about users (all in one step)
    15 __%T% Tip:__ Entering part of a topic name is a simple, yet powerful way to quickly navigate to content of interest, also in a large wiki.
    17 __Note:__ The Go box is not a search box
    19 __Related Topics:__ UserDocumentationCategory