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     1 %META:TOPICINFO{author="TWikiContributor" date="1174436429" format="1.1" version="13"}%
     2 ---+ <nop>GoodStyle Collaboration Tips
     4    * TWiki has a very simple *[[TWikiShorthand][text formatting shorthand]]*. In any case, you won't go wrong if you simply:
     5       * start each line without spaces
     6       * separate paragraphs with a blank line 
     8    * Run together capitalized words to form *[[WikiWords][WikiWords]]:* 
     9       * WikiWords automatically appear as hyperlinks
    10       * make up meaningful, reasonably brief Wiki names - it can be a challenge (it'll sharpen you up!)
    11       * WikiWords has name-creation tips that may help
    13 #SignAndDate
    14    * If a *discussion* is going on:
    15       * separate each follow-up with a space
    16       * add your WikiName and the date at the end. Example:%BR%
    17         =-- <nop>%WIKIUSERNAME% - %SERVERTIME{$day $mon $year}%=
    18       * OR, by all means, insert your comment where it seems to fit best:
    19          * you may want to inset it with a bullet and/or _set it in italics_ so it's clear (always sign and date)
    20       * if you'd like to use an initial, use a link with label. Example:%BR%
    21         =-- [<nop>[%WIKIUSERNAME%][ZXQ]] - %SERVERTIME{$day $mon $year}%=
    23    * A good format for a *new topic* is "dissertation followed by discussion": 
    24       * start with a brief, factual introduction, followed by double horizontal rules
    25       * let the discussion begin
    27    * When a discussion dies down and the page becomes static, if you're clear on your course, feel free to *refactor mercilessly*:
    28       * fearlessly edit down to capture the key points
    29       * reduce the noise without losing the facts or the flavor
    30       * if you merge or delete comments, group credit =Contributors:= at the end of the page
    31       * _This is how Wiki content matures and grows in value over time._
    33    * For *external site links*, you can type URLs directly into the text - =http://etcete.ra/...= - it'll be clear to anyone where they're headed on click. 
    35    * TWiki is intended for world-wide use, and an internationally understood date format like ==01 Sep %SERVERTIME{$year}%== or ==%SERVERTIME{$year}%-09-01== is preferred. It's clearer than the xx/xx/xx format, where a date like 9/1/01 can mean either Jan or Sep, depending on the local conventions of the readers. For months, use the first three letters: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr,...
    37    * *TIP:* Check the source when you want to find out how something is formatted: click ==Edit== on the lower toolbar. To see earlier versions, click ==More==, then check ==Raw text format== and click ==View revision==. A bit of HTML experience can't hurt, but you'll soon see with TWikiShorthand how far that is from necessary. 
    39 __Related Topics:__ UserDocumentationCategory
    41 -- __Contributors:__ TWiki:Main.MikeMannix, TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny