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RELEASE 4.2.0 freetown
     1 %META:TOPICINFO{author="TWikiContributor" date="1111929255" format="1.0" version="3"}%
     2 %META:TOPICPARENT{name="WebSearch"}%
     3 ---+!! Search Help
     5 %TOC%
     7 ---++ Search Pages
     9 There are two search pages; WebSearch offers basic search features, while
    10 WebSearchAdvanced offers more control over searches.
    12 By default searches are keyword based like in a typical search engine:
    13    * Specify word(s) you want to find
    14    * Multiple words form an *AND* search, =intranet web service= returns all pages that have the three words anywhere in the page
    15    * Optionally specify plus signs for *AND* search, like =intranet +web +service=
    16    * Enclose words in double quotes to form a *literal search*, like ="web service"=
    17    * Specify a minus sign to *exclude* a word, like =soap -shampoo=
    18    * Use double quotes if you want to search for a leading minus sign, like ="-nowarn"=
    19    * *Stop words* are excluded from a keyword search:
    20       * Stop words are common words and characters such as ="how"= and ="where"=, defined in the SEARCHSTOPWORDS setting in the TWikiPreferences
    21       * If you want to search for a word in the stop word list, prefix the word with a plus sign
    22    * *Example:* To search for all topics that contain ="SOAP"=, ="WSDL"=, a literal ="web service"=, but not ="shampoo"=,%BR% enter this: =soap +wsdl "web service" -shampoo=
    24 Regular expression search searches for a set of regular expression patterns:
    25    * Patterns are separated by semicolons
    26    * An AND search is performed for the list of patterns
    27    * An exclamation point preceeding a pattern indicates an AND NOT search; use it to exclude a pattern, like =!web service=
    28    * If you want to search for a semicolon or an exclamation point, escape them with a leading backslash, like =\!shampoo=
    29    * *Example:* To search for all topics that contain ="SOAP"=, ="WSDL"=, a literal ="web service"=, but not ="shampoo"=,%BR% enter this: =soap;wsdl;web service;!shampoo=
    31 ---++ Formatted Searches
    33 You can embed a nicely [[FormattedSearch][formatted search]] in a topic by using the =%<nop>SEARCH{}%= variable described in VarSEARCH.
    35 ---++ Search Preferences
    37 TWikiPreferences defines these search preferences:
    39    * =SEARCHDEFAULTTTYPE=: Default search type for search forms which calls the =search= script
    40       * Currently =%SEARCHDEFAULTTTYPE%=
    41    * =SEARCHVARDEFAULTTYPE=: Default search type for =%<nop>SEARCH{}= variable 
    42       * Currenty =%SEARCHVARDEFAULTTYPE%=
    43    * =SEARCHSTOPWORDS=: List of stop words (common words and characters to exclude from a keyword search)
    44       * Currently =%SEARCHSTOPWORDS%=
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