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RELEASE 4.2.0 freetown
     1 %META:TOPICINFO{author="TWikiContributor" date="1160971176" format="1.1" version="2"}%
     2 %META:TOPICPARENT{name="TWikiPreferences"}%
     3 #VarPINK
     4 ---+++ PINK -- start pink colored text
     5    * =PINK= is one of the rendering shortcut settings predefined in TWikiPreferences.  See the section [[TWikiPreferences#RenderingShortcuts][rendering shortcut settings]] in that topic for a complete list of colors.
     6    * Syntax: =%<nop>PINK% pink text %<nop>ENDCOLOR%=
     7    * Expands to: %PINK% pink text %ENDCOLOR%
     8    * __Note:__ =%&lt;color&gt;%= text must end with =%<nop>ENDCOLOR%=. If you want to switch from one color to another one you first need to end the active color with =%<nop>ENDCOLOR%=, e.g. write =%<nop>RED% some text %<nop>ENDCOLOR% %<nop>GREEN% more text %<nop>ENDCOLOR%=.
     9    * Related: [[%IF{"'%INCLUDINGTOPIC%'='TWikiVariables'" then="#"}%VarENDCOLOR][ENDCOLOR]], [[TWikiPreferences#RenderingShortcuts][TWikiPreferences]], StandardColors